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master classes

The company  “Giveret Shiraz”  announces the recruitment for the master classes and training for course about hot enamel.

Hot enamel – it’s type of art, which requires the highest level of craftsmanship, laborious working.

We invite you to traing for following course of studies:

Practical study – manufacturing of simple product made of copper.

For prepared students (who had already had a master class) more complicated task.

First stage:
  1. Development of sketches;
  2. Preparment of the foundation (semimanufactures);
  3. Application of fondon and counter enamel;
  4. Working technique with partitions;
  5. Working with the oven;
  6. Application technique of enamel;
  7. Baking of enamel and fondon.

Duration of one class – 3 academic hours ( 45 minutes each)

Duration of the course – 6 weeks, 2 classes a week.

The dates of master classes wil be set according to recruitment of the group.

Enrol and learn the details you can by phone : +995595852585

or by email: